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Interactive Story Hierarchy Modeling Language

ISHML stands for Interactive Story Hierarchy Modeling Language, but you can call it "Ishmael." It is a Javascript library that functions as a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for creating interactive web content including Interactive Fiction (IF) aka text adventure games, game book style hyperlink stories, quizzes, tutorials, chat-bots, and many other types of interactive experiences.

ISHML makes intuitive sense to authors. You can be successful with ISHML even if you have little to no programming skills or knowledge of Javascript. Some previous exposure to HTML and CSS is helpful, but the emphasis is on writing the story, not coding the program.

ISHML gracefully handles a wide variety of input from the user. Hyperlinks are of course supported, but there is also support for drag and drop actions and text input. ISHML features a powerful and fully customizable parser.

The ISHML development environment, called Pequod, allows you to visually specify the stucture of your story with a simple point and click interface. Pequod keeps track of all the details so that you can concentrate on the writing. Create your backstory and plot points, specify the situations under which the plot points are relevant and the story engine will string these plot points together with the user's input for a unique interactive experience that runs in a web browser.

Add some twists to the plot points and your story takes on a life of it's own.