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Interactive Story grapH Management Library


ISHML stands for Interactive Story grapH Management Library, but you can call it "Ishmael." It is a Javascript library that functions as a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for creating Interactive Fiction (IF). Combine ISHML with custom HTML and CSS to create an amazing user experience that runs in a web browser with no awkward interpreters to download. ISHML gracefully handles a wide variety of input from the user. Hyperlinks are of course supported, but there is also support for drag and drop actions and text input. ISHML features a powerful and fully customizable parser.

You can be successful with ISHML even if you are a Javascript novice. ISHML uses the vocabulary of storytelling. You concentrate on plot points, not programming.

Story World

The state of your story world is held in a collection of data called the net. The net is composed of data objects called knots. Knots are connected to each other via ties. For example to access the knot that represents the room the player is currently in, you would write

The net is fully searchable with a simple query language and supports pathfinding. Want to figure out which of the player's friends is also friends with the player's enemy? Just query the net.


The plot is composed of plot points, small sections of code that narrate your story based on user input and changes to the story net.