ISHML for Interactive Fiction

ISHML stands for Interactive Story grapH Management Library, but call it "Ishmael." It's a JavaScript library that facilitates writing interactive fiction (text adventure) applications for modern web browsers. The ISHML library has straightforwardly named properties and methods, many of which are chainable. Code written with ISHML is highly readable and intuitive.

Eventually, ISHML will address all aspects of creating interactive fiction. For now, though, ISHML is just a really flexible and powerful parser and text generation system that integrates easily into your projects.

It's open source and licensed under the ISC license.

Getting Started

Place the following scripts near the end of the HTML document, before the closing </body> tag. Then add your own script below this script.

<script src=""></script>

<script src=""></script>

The text generation tutorial explains how to generate text.

The parsing tutorial explains how to use create a parser.

The API reference documents all features.

Contact: I am @bikibird on I'd love to hear about anything you build with ISHML.

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